Proposed legislation would consolidate environmental boards

On January 4, 2012 Senator Bev Gard of Greenfield introduced SB 130, a bill which proposes to consolidate the existing environmental rule making boards [air, financial assurance, solid waste, and water] into a single environmental rule making board.

This “super” board would consist of 17 members listed in the toggle below.  The new board would replace the current rule making boards and essentially operate in the same form and manner as the existing boards.

SB 130 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Energy and Environmental Affairs, which is chaired by Senator Gard.  It has not yet been scheduled for hearing.

Members of proposed new environmental rule making board

(1) The following ex officio members:

(A) The commissioner of the department of environmental management.

(B) The commissioner of the state department of health.

(C) The director of the department of natural resources.

(D) The lieutenant governor.

(E) The secretary of commerce or the secretary’s designee.

(2) The following twelve (12) members, who shall be appointed by the governor based on recommendations from representative constituencies:

(A) One (1) representative of agriculture.

(B) One (1) representative of manufacturing.

(C) One (1) representative of environmental interests.

(D) One (1) representative of labor.

(E) One (1) representative of local government.

(F) One (1) representative of small business.

(G) One (1) health professional who holds a license to practice in Indiana.

(H) One (1) representative of the solid waste management industry.

(I) One (1) representative of businesses that:

(i) own; or

(ii) engage in the sale of petroleum from;

one (1) or more underground storage tanks.

(J) One (1) representative of a public utility that engages in the production and transmission of electricity.

(K) Two (2) representatives of the general public, who cannot qualify to sit on the board under any of the other clauses in this subdivision.