Our goal? Efficient and effective consulting that serves you today and in the future.

We believe our firm creates the most value for our clients when we address today’s needs AND prepare the client for tomorrow and beyond.

Environmental requirements and expectations are constantly changing. We can help you look ahead to create permitting and compliance strategies that lay the foundation for more cost effective compliance in the future.  And if necessary, we can work together with regulatory agencies to reduce the impacts on your operations.


Permitting strategy and development

If you are building a new plant site or expanding/modifying an existing plant site, you want air permitting to be off the critical path and you don’t want the permit to create any compliance surprises.  Effective permitting strategies ensure your projects get started when planned with the least amount of red tape to slow you down in the future.  Our approach to permitting focuses on meeting your schedules and addresses the regulatory requirements.  If you are interested in enhancing your permitting strategies, our firm is a pioneer and leader in developing flexible permits that virtually eliminate permitting delays and minimize administrative costs.

Permit applications

A well-prepared permit application can be the difference between getting a permit quickly and lengthy delays.  We understand what the permitting agencies need to issue your permits and to ensure the permitting process goes smoothly.  We structure permit applications to provide agency reviewers with the information they need and in a format that fits the agency review process.

Types of permits

      • New Source Review/PSD
      • State construction permits
      • Title V and FESOP operating permits
      • Minor source operating permits and registrations


Compliance strategies enable cost effective and flexible compliance

Complying with environmental regulations can be costly and time consuming.  It takes a thoughtful and insightful analysis of your business to develop an efficient and effective strategy.  With years of experience in implementing complex permit requirements and  MACT, NSPS, and SIP rules, B Paul Consulting can help you chart the best path forward.  Our firm has expertise in implementing a wide variety of Clean Air Act requirements.

      • Compliance strategy development
      • Training
      • National Ambient Air Quality Standards
      • Hazardous Air Pollutant Standards [MACT]
      • New Source Performance Standards [NSPS]
      • State Implementation Plan rules
      • Compliance reporting
      • Annual compliance certifications


With tens of thousands of pages of federal and state air quality regulations in place, it’s a daunting task to stay up to date with regulatory requirements.  Coupled with ever-changing personnel in key operational positions, companies continually face a potential gap in understanding permitting and compliance requirements.  B Paul Consulting, LLC can help you fill that gap with reasonably price training programs that focus on your business needs.

We offer training in the following areas:

      • Clean Air Act Basics
      • Major NSR training
      • Construction permit training
      • Operating permit training
      • Permit compliance, reporting, and annual compliance certifications
      • NESHAPS
      • NSPS
      • NAAQS and SIP requirements
      • NAAQS


In an era when trade associations and major corporations have fewer resources to engage in advocacy on environmental issues, companies need someone to look out for their interests.  As a widely respected and long-time participant in business advocacy on air quality issues, B Paul Consulting, LLC can help your business or industry tackle new issues and reduce potential costs or impediments to business flexibility.  We have participated in hundreds of agency meetings and authored hundreds of comment letters on permitting rules, NAAQS issues, MACT and NSPS issues – just about any topic imaginable under the Clean Air Act.

We specialize in bringing groups together to address common issues in a constructive and positive approach with state agencies or EPA.

In addition, we can monitor and track regulatory and legislative developments for you through standardized or customized tracking and reporting tools.